Mr Galloway

After strong winds blew the chestnut tree in our garden onto the stone wall that separates mine and some neighboring gardens I knew i was going to need someone with special expertise. The property has a grade listing and had specific requirements. the insurance company required 3 quotes so i set about finding specialist masonry companies. I was very confused and bewildered by the different levels of detail and information supplied on web sites and by conversing with the many companies over the phone.

Newstone restoration only stood out from the rest when Kristopher came out to survey the damage, he immediately realized that for the wall to be reinstated as it would have been built originally surveys would have to be carried out. So he organized for someone from SLCT (Scottish Lime Center Trust) to visit and examine the mortar and the stone. From this he was able to gage the quarries that had been used to source the materials for the wall over 100 years ago when it was first constructed. As these quarries had long since been exhausted the SLCT has a database that provide us with options for the closest match currently available  to comply with listing attached to the property.

The wall has now been re-built to meet all the regulations and has never looked so good. Newstone Restoration have gone on to repair other properties in my street and I have since spoken to these people who have all had nothing but good things to say about the service and workmanship.

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