Lime Pointing Stonework

In most cases the regular inspection and proper maintenance of the pointing to the beds and joints of the brick or stonework is more often than not all that is required. Good solid lime pointing will not only enhance the aesthetic of a historic building it will work with the structure to survive the elements that cause the deterioration.

Unfortunately substandard work with inadequate materials is without a doubt the biggest threat to our period homes. Modern day cement should NEVER be used anywhere in a stone building.

Stone and lime are natural materials that allow each other to breath enabling moisture to be absorbed and at the same time allowing it evaporate and the fabric of the building to dry. Cement prevents moisture from escaping and prolongs the buildings exposure to the elements. The cement will initially corrode the edges of the individual stones. If replaced and repointed with lime this will either slow the deterioration of the stone or stop it completely.

We have the skills and experience in working on older buildings to repair damaged or weathering Lime Pointing, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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