The Old Fisherman's Hall 'Newhaven Harbour'

Here we were tasked with the lithomex stone repairs in the restomod of the old fisherman's hall. The client acquired the building with the intention to turn the building into their family home. His aim was to be as sympathetic as possible restoring the exterior back to the original architecture. The front and rear elevations had years of paint that had to be removed. This revealed the extent of the problems to be overcome. The client undertook the stone replacements himself and appointed us with repairing the door surround to the rear.

Once the paint had been removed from the door surround we could see that it had been hiding years of neglect and improper repairs. The door surround consisted of a heavily molded frame and a carved hardour scene that would later be replaced. All the old sand and cement repairs were cut out and the the stonework was cut back ready to be repaired. All the areas that had previously repaired we'd but out using a lime mortar and then the final coat was applied. This was then left to harden then the all the checks and splays were carved back in to create the original architecture.

Fishermans stonework Fishermans stonework and door

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